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The Cuejdel Lake

Cuejdel Lake or The Lake of the Cross is the largest barrier lake in Romania formed between1978 and 1991.

Canyoning in Bicăjelului Canyon

Bicajelului Canyon represents a wild spot in the Hasmas Mountains, ideal for canyoning of a minimum difficulty.

The Rangers’ Road

The Rangers’ Road – Bârnad – Lapoș.


We have bicycles for all ages and physical conditions. Including electric bicycles.

The Izvorul Muntelui Lake

Izvorul Muntelui (The Mountain’s Spring) lake is the largest artificial lake in Romania.

Mount Ceahlau

Mount Ceahlău is the mysterious massif with the most legends around here.

The Long Mountain

The Long Mountain: A visit at the Long Mountain offers you the possibility to discover many wonderful places.