Hiking in Ceahlau

drumeție pe ceahlău

We could not miss such a fine weather and went all together, from the the tiniest to the biggest, to Ceahlau mountain.

We started the ascension well equipped and careful, actually more running behind and after the kids who did not skip any rock or boulder in their little climbing adventures.

We saw some snow left and a saxifraga (rockfoils) as well.

Once we reached Dochia Cabin, we met two of the rare species from the local fauna: a puppy and a cat.

The children scribbled in the sand, although there were no alpine sea at that moment.

We slept at last, we fell asleep late in the shelter of the Salvamont  (Mountain Rescue Services) after many stories and lots of laughter.

We came back home in the city a bit more tanned. Recharged, full of energy, photos and memories.